• Executive Coaching

    One-one-one coaching helping CEOs and senior executives throughout New Zealand and beyond to realise their full potential and champion the pillars of great organisational leadership.

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  • Workshop Facilitation

    Suzi will travel to you to deliver in-house workshops and seminars customised to your organisational needs; to inspire, educate and motivate your teams.

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  • Speaking

    Are you looking for a speaker to engage and enlighten your audience? Suzi is a dynamic and captivating professional speaker who knows how to inspire Kiwi leaders to perform at their best. Book Suzi for your next conference or event.

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  • Why Leaders Should Channel The Counterintuitive 
    Why Leaders Should Channel The Counterintuitive 

    When the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami struck Japan in 2011, fishermen knew from the wisdom of their ancestors to head OUT to sea. To head TOWARDS the giant wave. In a study of professional league soccer goal keepers, it was found the highest rate of success in stopping the ball in penalty kicks was not…

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